March 2016
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Mission Statement

Terry Caffey praying with teens after a service.

Terry praying with teens after a service.

MISSION: Enabling today’s youth Across America to unite and be tomorrow’s Christian leaders by taking a stand for Christ.

GOAL: Encouraging our youth to commit by:

  • Taking a stand to be different by not following the crowd.
  • Saying no to drugs, alcohol, and saving yourself for marriage.
  • Obeying your parents (Ephesians, ch. 6)
  • Staying in school and getting a good education.

VISION: The Vision of Across America Ministries is to let the young people of today know that they matter and they do have a voice; that they can take a stand in their schools and communities by exercising their God-given rights as Christians and as citizens of the United States of America. Letting the world know that we are still one nation under God and united we will make a difference, putting God and prayer back into our schools.