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The Burned Page that Terry Found


On the Dr. Phil show, Terry told about finding a burned page from a novel and how what was written on it turned his life around. Some readers have wanted to know the name of the novel and where they can find it.

The novel was titled “Blind Sight,” and it was written by James H. Pence. Although it is out of print, you can still find copies on Amazon and other online sources. Here’s a link to the book on Amazon: Blind Sight.

“Blind Sight” is the fictional story of Thomas Kent, a pastor who lost his wife and two children in an automobile accident that was his fault. Angry at God for taking his family, Thomas has become a recluse, living by himself on a secluded property in north Texas.

Thomas is driven from his seclusion when he is asked to rescue two children who are on the run from a religious cult. As Thomas risks his life to save the children, he also comes to grips with God’s sovereignty in his own tragedy.

The page that Terry found is the page where Thomas comes to grips with God’s sovereignty in his loss. As you read the content of the page, and know that Terry had tragically lost his own family also, you can understand why he would see this as nothing less than a message from God.

James Pence was so moved by the story of the burned page that he offered to help Terry write a book about his experience. That book, of course, is Terror by Night

Watch for Terry on an Upcoming Dr. Phil Show

Dr Phil & Terry CaffeySM

Pictured from left: Karen Caffey (Terry’s wife), Terry, Dr. Phil, and (?)

Terry and Erin recently appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. (Erin interviewed with Dr. Phil from prison.)  It’s supposed to air sometime in February. Check your local listings for a time and channel.

Terry shares his story on “Katie!”

Terry shared his story with Katie Couric today!

Terry Caffey, co-author of "Terror by Night," with Katie Couric.

Image courtesy of Katie!

Terry Caffey Interview about “Final Witness”

Here’s an interview Terry recently did with KLTV, Channel 7, in Longview, Texas.