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Terry Caffey Interview about “Final Witness”

Here’s an interview Terry recently did with KLTV, Channel 7, in Longview, Texas.

One Response to Terry Caffey Interview about “Final Witness”

  • Janet says:

    I just watched the story about your tragedy on “Final Witness”. I just want to say even though I do not know you Mr. Caffey nor did I know your family, my prayers are with you. You know, you said something in the end of one of the articles I read on the internet about not staying bitter and growing into an old bitter person and forgiving so you can move on and have peace once again. That really went a long way with me because I have too been through a tragedy, not nearly as terrible as yours, and I just have not been able to let go for over 3 years…..recently after reading that I have been able to forgive and I do feel more peaceful inside. SO thank you for the words of wisdom in your article that I read on the internet.

    A Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Viewer