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Terry shares his story on “Katie!”

Terry shared his story with Katie Couric today!

Terry Caffey, co-author of "Terror by Night," with Katie Couric.

Image courtesy of Katie!

5 Responses to Terry shares his story on “Katie!”

  • candy says:

    This was the most horrible story..I feel very sick after hearing this horrific story..I cannot imagine this evil…Scary…very Scary…How is it possible that such evil exsists

  • says:

    Thank You Lord for Forgiveness. I Forgive you Dad.

  • kristin says:

    I am in awe of Terry’s strength and forgiveness. He is a true example of what God can do through us when we seek his will. I am sure you hurt every day Terry but must seek comfort in knowing that your family was ushered into heaven by angels and you will be with them one day. Thank you for sharing your story and most of all for seeking your purpose to share what God’s love and forgiveness looks like through your story. God bless you and keep you as you travel this journey.
    Kristin Hooper

  • marla mecum says:

    I just watch your show about Terri life and how he live his life and how he learned to forgive and how God with us no matter what and it really inspired me to read his book! My life and my children life in the last 5 years have been tough with loosing my husband and their dad to a drunk driver and then 8 months later I lost my oldest son and their brother to a blood clot. I know God has his ways and they are not the same as mine all the time but forgiveness is what I am seeking for myself and God and others. I have come to accept my life and love it and learning to forgive to. Thanks Marla Mecum

  • Miranda says:

    It was so great to hear you speak of God’s grace and love! Your story was very touching and admirable! I lost a younger sister in a tragic accident when she was 15. Now 12 1/2 years later I still struggle but God gives me comfort everyday! I cant imagine your loss but admire your faith! One day in Heaven we will understand all of the whys! Praise be to God!