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The Miracle Page

In the weeks and months following the murders, Terry went back to his property several times and sifted through the ashes, looking for something to help him remember his family. Among other things, he found one of Penny’s frying pans, a Hot Wheels car that had belonged to Tyler, and a belt buckle the children gave him for Christmas.

But one item that Terry found literally turned his life around.

He found a single burned page from a Christian novel, titled “Blind Sight,” leaning up against a tree.

This is the first line Terry saw when he picked up the page: “I couldn’t understand why you [God] would take my family and leave me to struggle along without them…but I do believe you’re sovereign. You’re in control.”

In the following news piece from WFAA TV in Dallas, Terry tells the story of the “miracle page.” At the bottom of this page is a photo of the actual page that Terry found.

The miracle page from “Blind Sight” that Terry found on his property